Pendant from a real lion fang “Moon Lion”


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Pendant from a real lion fang “Moon Lion”
Designer silver item made from a real lion fang + rare citrine crystal

A lion’s tooth is a symbol of power, dignity, invincibility, self-expression, and active defense. A lion’s tooth is a strong amulet that will give you protection from any ill-wishers. A lion’s fang will help its wearer show the courage, fortitude and wisdom characteristic of a lion.
If you activate and wear a magical lion’s claw amulet, enchanted with a strong witchcraft word, it will give you the same support in life’s journey, and the same strength that a person so needs.

The magical properties of citrine have been known for a long time.  In some countries, amulets were made from this stone, which, as was commonly believed, protected their owner from the bites of scorpions and poisonous snakes.  In other countries, for a long time, this stone was considered the embodiment of deception, betrayal and lies.  Therefore, it was often worn by people who earned their living by fraud, cheating and theft.  But in Ancient Rome, citrine jewelry was worn by the most respected people – orators and philosophers.  In modern magical practice, there is an opinion about the duality of this stone, that is, it can serve both worthy people and scoundrels with equal success.  Experts on the magical properties of stones claim that a talisman made from this mineral is able to protect its owner from negative influences.
 Citrine is a powerful energy cleanser and regenerator.  He is able to cleanse chakras, conduct spiritual energy, and impart intuition.  Aligning the subtle bodies with the physical, citrine cleanses and balances them.
  In magic, citrine is used to improve magical skills and increase magical power.
  Meditation with citrine fills a person from the inside with sunlight and the energy necessary to implement the tasks of the current incarnation.


This ritual will not give you the opportunity to deceive anyone and make them think that you are a beast, but it will give you more courage, courage and perseverance in your actions and intentions, which will allow you to more confidently carry out your work and plans. After all, the lion is a predator, a getter, the king of beasts, who monitors his pride, calculates the possibilities of attacking the victim in such a way as to be able to feed himself and his family. In the end, all the animals around are afraid of the lion. In the same way, you will awaken this predator in yourself, in spite of any life obstacles, awakening the lion’s strength in yourself, unconsciously forcing a person to accept your point of view and follow you.

The ritual can be performed in conjunction with another similar ritual “Awaken the beast in yourself”, which will give an even more powerful effect. Do this when you need people around you to listen to you so that things go exactly as you planned. Or you need a more obedient attitude of children in front of you. Maybe you need your husband to stop arguing with you forever. In any case, the ritual will serve you well in household and work matters.The ritual is written in Swahili, thanks to the mentorship of a very respected and wealthy sorcerer, who lives exactly in those places where this language was mainly used.
We will need: a black or red altar, a red candle (any), a piece of raw meat with blood (beef, lamb), coins according to the number of your years, you can put on the altar any thing that personifies a lion (claw, skull, image, statue ). Read the words of the conspiracy 6 times:
“Oh, Miunju was cuddled with lard. Oh Miunju alumba vitu viote vivio hai nipe my wa Simba, ujasiri wa Simba, rojo ya shujae Simba. Mimi no Simba-Mtu watu no vizi wanju. Mimi ni mfalme ju ya wat. Mimi ni Simba-Mtu. Mimi ni wa kwanza. Niko mbele kuamka ndani yangu Simba. Mimi ni Simba-Mtu. On the hiviyo willow.”
Extinguish the candle with an extinguisher and use it in other rituals. Take the meat outside and put it by the tree on the same day, along with the coins, while saying:
“I leave a ransom to the spirit of the great Simba.”


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