Protective amulet “Right wolf’s eye”


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Protective amulet “Right wolf’s eye”
Natural wolf’s eye, bronze, enamel, moonstone.

Protective amulet “Right wolf’s eye” All peoples of the world attributed magical features to the image of a wolf. This totem animal was considered the beast of death and was a guide to the world of the dead. In shamanic practices, to travel to other worlds, one turns to the spirit of a wolf using a wolf amulet. The wolf is on the border of light and darkness, and can also cross it.

If the wolf’s dried right eye  wears with yourself, then such a person is notno one can harm, nor black prayers (damage), nor enemy intrigues.

 The dried right eye of the wolf is spoken nextconspiracy:
 “The privet eye becomes a fence,
 from everyone who is born, from the baptized,
 from one’s own, from someone else’s, from the distant,
 from the neighbor, from the non-Christ.
 Do not let harass, bring harm,
 neither spear nor arrow,
 no axe, no needle, no tool.
 Neither a dashing conspiracy, nor a curse,
 no curse, no fierce roots.
 And who thinks to harm me,
 that biryuk will gnaw,
 the priest will sing, to that hut in the churchyard.
 My word is strong and stucco.


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