Real bone of a wolf, Runes set 24+1


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Real bone of a wolf, Runes set 24+1

With these runes you acquire an assistant and guide to other worlds.
The wolf draws its strength from the Other World and is the guide of man during initiations and communication with the dead.
Runes are suitable for divination, shamanic practices, magic and necromancy.
Before casting the runes, call on the Spirit of the Wolf and contact him with a question or wish. Ask to open the gates of the worlds and allow the Gods, Essences and the dead to speak to you through the runes.

The runes are made using a unique author’s technology. The bones are bleached, cleaned and processed. The bones are boiled in a runic circle in a strong coffee solution. The production technology is unique.

Runes are completed with a leather bag

I can also craft runes from bear bone

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