Women’s hair clip “Fox Jaw” Magical protective attribute


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Women’s hair clip “Fox Jaw”

Magical protective attribute

This is an adornment for a female witch

First of all, any jaw in shamanism is an ongon (receptacle for the spirit), just like the skull and jaw of a predator (and a fox is a predator) are buried under the threshold of the house so that no diabolical forces enter the house.

The jaw of the fox is an enhancement of vision. It is not convenient to carry a skull with you, so in case of departure, you can stick a hairpin with a fox’s jaw in your hair.

The jaw of the fox helps to enhance the ability of disguise, during viewings and magical practices. The fox holds and conducts energy well.

This helper is of particular importance when traveling to the lower world.

She is also an excellent assistant in money magic, even without using it directly in the ritual, but simply by placing it next to her, she helps to work better with financial flows, when applying a stave or performing a ritual.

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