Real hawk claw is a talisman, made from real hawk claw and 925 sterling silver, author’s work.


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Real hawk claw is a talisman. Made from real hawk claw and 925 sterling silver. Author’s work.

The hawk symbolizes strength, harmony of spirit, intuition, speed – it is a magical bird that gives wisdom and speed of reaction to its owner. The hawk’s attack on its prey is lightning fast, and in the heat of the hunt it is magnificent. People with the hawk totem have a special vision of this world; it is very difficult to deceive such people, they see everything from above, observe, analyze and draw conclusions. “Hawk Claw” is an excellent amulet; it protects its owner, helps overcome life’s difficulties, gives energy and prudence. The amulet can be worn around your neck, you can protect your home or any premises. Scares away evil spirits and protects strangers from hostile thoughts.

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