Snake amulet “Witch’s knot”


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Snake amulet “Witch’s knot”

Materials: viper’s tail, 925 sterling silver.


The witch’s “knot” is made of a viper’s tail in silver.
The witch’s “knot” will protect from various negativity, will provide an opportunity to increase strength in various areas, both mundane and magical directions.
The witch’s “knot” has the following properties:
– The destruction of other people’s promises in words, whispers. They just won’t reach you.
– Development of deceit
– Replenishment of energy
– It will not allow energy losses, in terms of energy outflow, this is one of the main directions of the “node”
– Active protection (!)
– The amulet can be used under the snake totem!
The snake has always been perceived as a representative of the underworld –
the world of the dead. The amulet helps practitioners who work with the world of the dead in their work. In addition, snakes have a special connection with water and influence on it. Rain-making rites made extensive use of snakes or their symbolic presence.


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