Shaman tambourine “Odin’s Helpers”


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Shaman tambourine “Odin’s Helpers”

Wolf and Raven, they are faithful servants and helpers of Odin, the supreme god of the Scandinavian pantheon, the ruler of Asgard, and, accordingly, Valhalla.

The cry of a raven announced the hunt.
The sparkle of the wolf’s eyes is piercing in the night… His fangs are
on the eve of work…
Raven’s gaze is sharp…

A tambourine is a magical instrument, an assistant to a shaman, it is part of a shaman, part of his family. A tambourine can be used for: – Calling and communicating with spirits – For good purposes: such as healing, getting rid of diseases and many ailments – Opening the birth canal (connection with one’s family), a totem, and traveling through past lives – Knowledge of other Worlds (in There are three of them in shamanism) – Cleaning people and premises from damage and negativity In fact, a tambourine is a multifaceted magical instrument, although you can’t call it that! A tambourine is a living creature that can communicate with you and give advice. It also helps with selection, can heal you, and you can even feed it treats. Facts about drums. Kamlanie (beating a tambourine) only 15 minutes a day, has a beneficial effect not only on the heart, but also on the entire circulatory and nervous system. The shaman tambourine is credited with a wide range of mystical possibilities – this instrument serves to communicate with the souls of ancestors and heavenly patrons, and is used in wind practices. With its help, they set the rhythm of ritual dances and put participants in magical rites into a trance. The shaman’s tambourine is his main guide to other worlds

Size 45cm (17.72″)
The skin of a black wild goat, partly sheared and shaved.
The image is made by the method of permanent dye and scratching.
The hoop is made of burnt pine soaked in oil.
The sound is loud, booming.
The set includes one beater made of juniper and coyote fur.
Also included is a waterproof case.

Very powerful sound will put you in a trance in minutes…
The tambourine is waiting for its owner!!!

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