Silver pendant, amulet “Wolf mask” 925 sterling silver 72,5 grams


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Silver pendant, amulet “Wolf mask” 925 sterling silver 72,5 grams

Materials: 72.5 grams sterling silver, eyes natural Australian opals.
On the back is a “shaman’s mirror”, not blackened silver felt, kuzungu.
Charged to protect the owner.
It is believed that wolves are intermediaries between people and the Gods, and courage, cunning, dexterity and animal sense are the gifts of the Gods to the wolf. In pagan times, the worship of certain totems-symbols of the clan and animals was developed. For example, for some the totem was a bear, for others a lynx or a wolf, and there was also a lion totem. In Armenia, at a time when people worshiped the sun, the spirits of water and nature, there was a well-known tradition-ritual of the wolf turning to Mother Moon. For many people, night is the time when various incidents occur: thefts, robberies, attacks; many are simply afraid to leave the house at night. But there are people who work at night or have to return home very late; people on long journeys also cannot avoid night trips. It was for this reason that people turned to this ritual, to avoid nighttime conflicts and unpleasant situations, to be confident in their protection and to make the night their ally. This ritual can be performed not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones, whom we want to remain safe at night. To do this, it is enough to say the name of a loved one in the ritual. The words of the conspiracy must be read 4 times, looking at the moon through an open window or standing on the street.
“Oh, Night, the mystery of the Universe, open the doors of the Black Moon for me. I say the wolf’s prayer in the wolf’s language. Oh, moonlit Night, you are my shelter, you can help me. With the tongue of a wolf, with the soul of a wolf, I will open the doors of the Universe, I will not hide my soul from the Night. Oh Moon Mother, hear me now. Oh, Lady of the Black Moon, I address you in this dark hour. Bless my deeds, because you brought me to this world. Oh, Lady of Night and Darkness, bless my ways. The night will help me, trouble will forget the way to me. Protect me, oh, lunar Mother, you gave me the soul of a wolf, give me a sharp mind, a seeing eye, give me wolf cunning, save me from traps many times. I am the she-wolf of the dark Night in the retinue of the lunar Mother, Night is my element, Night is my ally, friend and protector. There are no dangers in the darkness on the way, no traps, no misfortunes. Night is my protection, Night is my helper. Moon Goddess, Mother of the Black Moon, accept my prayer this night, the wolf’s prayer. Just as a wolf is not afraid in the night, so I am not afraid or dangerous. Night is the time of the wolf, and Night is my help. Oh, Night and Darkness, bless my path. Let it be as I ask! The prayer was heard with the tongue of a wolf.”

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