Wolf Bone Amulet with Runes


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Wolf Bone Amulet + Runes. Amulet charged

Completely handmade.

The wolf is one of the most mystical totems. It symbolizes the transition from light to shadow, from day to night, from the world of the living to the world of the dead. The wolf is present in the legends and myths of many nations. The wolf is a two-pronged being associated with both the Sun and the Moon.

The image of the Wolf is associated with the cult of a warrior, hunter, leader of the squad. The wolf was the totem of Slavic and Scandinavian tribes, Khakasses, Komi, Bashkirs, Ugrians, Mongols and many others.
Most often, the claws of a wolf are used for a talisman, less often teeth and bones. The goal is to keep the owner from the evil eye, diseases and give strength and wisdom to this animal. Endows the owner with the character of a leader.

No animals were harmed in the production of this product.

Magic rite with the bone of the wolf:

“From the realm of the hidden, from the realm without time,
I invoke the Great Beast.
I call through the passage of centuries.
You, wonderful beast, forest wolf,
above all the wolves, the elder prince!
I want to be your granddaughter (grandson), under your protection,
Put a part of your spirit into (claw, fang, skin),
Cover me with your spirit, save me.
Give strength and power to my work and body,
Make the amulet strong and true.
Let him be with you
It feeds on your spirit, fills with your strength and power.
This bone will help me
He will strengthen the spirit, save the body, save on the way, take away the enemies.
By your spirit my deeds are fanned,
Closed by your strength, twisted by my words.
I release the beast, I receive a talisman. Let it be so! »


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