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1 piece $450.00

Amulet “Submission” is made of the claws of a wolf, the head of a viper, in silver, natural tourmaline

2 piece $65.00


10 piece $65.00


3 piece $116.00

Baculum WOLF, Baculum BEAR

1 piece $460.00

Bear fang in the author’s 925 sterling silver frame + real gold nugget

1 piece $1,250.00

Bear shaman necklace made from real fangs of a huge grizzly bear

1 piece $366.00

Fang bear aged “Power of the beast” with 925 sterling silver bead

3 piece $86.00

Hoof of a sheep, lamb for creating witchcraft artifacts and tools

1 piece $200.00

Huge bear fang tooth XXXL size

4 piece $300.00

Huge bear fang XXXL size

4 piece $200.00

Key chain, real fang tooth bear XXXL size

1 piece $450.00

Old fang of a cave bear, age 30000 years

1 piece $550.00

Pendant with a real bear fang in silver “Bear’s hall”

1 piece $350.00

Real bone of a bear, Runes set 24+1

1 piece $350.00

Real bone of a wolf, Runes set 24+1

0 piece $250.00

Set 24 Scandinavian Runes made of natural stone amber

1 piece $88.00

Set for making a necklace “Fox”, Fox bone jewelry, Natural fox bone

3 piece $228.00

Shaman copper mirror with a pattern, Toli, panaptu, kuzung

1 piece $155.00

Shaman mirror, toli, panaptu, kuzung

1 piece $184.00

Shaman mirror, Toli, panaptu, kuzung

0 piece $266.00

Shaman rattle with a fox spirit, Fox skull + Fox bone + bells, Charged with the Spirit Beast, The rattle is made by hand

1 piece $500.00

Shaman tambourine “Odin’s Helpers”

2 piece $150.00

Shamanic Lash, real Yak tail size XXXXL

1 piece $214.00

Snake amulet “Viper spirit”

1 piece $214.00

Snake amulet “Viper tail and bear spirit”

2 piece $214.00

Snake amulet “Witch’s knot”

1 piece $366.00

The strongest amulet is the head of a poisonous snake in the bones of a wolf and wolf’s claw

1 piece $144.00

Witch pendulum, Pendulum for divination “beaver’s paw”, Pendulum for divination, Handmade, Made from a beaver paw

1 piece $146.00

Women’s hair clip “Fox Jaw” Magical protective attribute